Find a Provider

Finding a competent provider who works well for you in addressing your needs can be daunting. For more guidance on this please see my blog on TIPS ON FINDING A PROVIDER. Below I have compiled sites (in alphabetical order) that I am familiar with and list providers primarily for FM and dry needling. I have listed the skill sets known by each of the sources so you might know where to start. For instance, if you believe you want dry needling then bypass the Fascial Manipulation Association link below and consider one of the others that has dry needlers. Please note that these listings are not a guarantee of competency, but merely a method of listing people trained in these methods.

Fascial Manipulation Association

Listing: FM clinicians only, worldwide, multiple professional disciplines. The Fascial Manipulation Association has the most stringent requirements to be listed (FM certification – requires FM Levels 1, 2, & 3 as well as passing an oral, written, and practical examination awarding them certification as a Specialist).

  • For the English listings be sure to set the flag in the upper right hand corner to the “British” flag.
  • Click on Patient at the top of the page, and then click on Find a Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist.
  • A map of the world will appear, with tabs designating where providers can be found (there are quite a few in Italy, and currently very few in the US). Next hover over the tab in the area you are seeking and a name will appear. Clicking on that tab will bring up more information about that provider including contact information.

Find an FM Provider through Dr. Warren Hammer

Listing: FM clinicians only, primarily in the US, multiple professional disciplines. There is no competency standard for those listed on this website. It is simply a listing of those who have attended courses. All listed are trained in FM Levels 1 & 2. Some but not all have had Level 3.

Click on “Find a Provider” located on the left hand side of the page. These providers are currently listed by state.

Myopain Seminars

Listing: Clinicians with a variety of certifications including dry needling and FM, multiple professional disciplines.

Choose the Find a Clinician tab from the menu bar at the top of the page. You can search by the name of the clinician or by state. Listings are not separated by training, but individuals listed have their training with their name.

Structure & Function

Listing: Clinicians with a variety of certifications including dry needling and FM, multiple professional disciplines.

At this time the website is undergoing some revision to include those taking FM courses through S & F. Currently the only listing of providers is for dry needlers, and can be found under the dry needling tab. Stay tuned for updates!