Welcome! I am a physical therapist who believes passionately in providing alternatives to medications, testing, and surgery for those living with pain and dysfunction – me included. Whether you are a patient, clinician, or both I hope you find this site helpful and inspirational for broadening how you think about the body, preventive care, and being well.

Our bodies truly are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) with an incredible capacity for healing. Central to this is respecting the role of the connective tissues especially the fascia. We are meant to move! This applies to bones, biceps, bowels, and backs. I firmly believe that many of the issues attributed to aging can be diminished or averted with early recognition and proper attention to the connective tissues. Thanks for joining me in my effort to promote this perspective and health across the lifespan!

Latest from the Blog

  • Easter Greetings!
    It’s hard for me to believe we are already into Spring! Here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where Bill and I live the greens, pinks, and yellows are popping out all around us. For many people this month of April is a holy month, celebrated in different ways by different faiths.
  • Recorded Webinar: Urinary Incontinence & Other Bladder Issues
  • Back to Italy!
    It was with excitement and nervousness that I returned to Italy just after the 2023 New Year holiday. Excitement surrounding travel to Europe. Nervousness as I was invited to help teach at the Stecco’s Fascial Manipulation Institute in Padova, Italy. The course was nothing new to me – Fascial Manipulation Level 1, a course IContinue reading “Back to Italy!”

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