Me cupping and kit

Here I am using the hard plastic version of cupping that uses a pump to create negative pressure. I like the versatility and control I have with this version of cupping. I can vary the amount of suction used according to the person’s tolerance and their dysfunction. I also like the options it gives with using static cupping (leaving the cups in place) as well as dynamic cupping – gliding the cup as I am doing in the photo on the far right. Dynamic cupping is my go-to for several reasons, and I tend to use it the most. This kit comes with a variety of cup sizes which suit various parts of the anatomy. The tube pictured in the middle photo also allows for self-treatment of hard-to-reach places such as the back. Most people are surprised to learn how inexpensive these kits are (as of this writing this kit is $36.99) through Walmart. I have used this kit for years and it has held up well. I often recommend to my patients that they purchase a kit for home use as part of their self-management/maintenance strategy – another post another day! Photos by Colleen Whiteford, center photo from Walmart website.

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