Thanksgiving Blessings to All!

I bet I’m not the only one saying, “I can’t believe it’s already this time of year again!” For my husband, Bill and me it’s been a busy year filled with personal and professional happenings. Forefront in my mind are two major events: First, Bill, after 47 years of patient care, finally stopped evaluating andContinue reading “Thanksgiving Blessings to All!”

Easter, Passover, & Spring Greetings!

Spring truly is a season of anything-goes when it comes to the weather! Living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia affords us such a variety of conditions, sometimes all in one day! It also affords us some breathtaking scenes that I never tire of inhaling – whether I’m working in the garden or pedalingContinue reading “Easter, Passover, & Spring Greetings!”

Dysmenorrhea: Managing the Monster

Please join me for a free webinar sponsored by the Fascial Manipulation Association Wednesday February 9, 2022, 1-2 p.m. EST Far too many girls/women suffer with menstrual disorders, mistakenly lead to believe they are “normal” and there is nothing that can be done to help them except pain medication and birth control measures. While shortContinue reading “Dysmenorrhea: Managing the Monster”

Free Fascial Manipulation Webinar with Colleen Whiteford

Wednesday, December 8, 1-2 p.m. ET Come join me as well and two other colleagues as we present brief summaries of our chapters in the 2018 book, “Fascial Manipulation – Stecco method: The Practitioner’s Perspective.” My topic is about resolving urinary incontinence (UI) in a post-partum runner. She was a life-long runner but after herContinue reading “Free Fascial Manipulation Webinar with Colleen Whiteford”

Cupping (part V)

HOW TO USE CUPPING ON YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE Cupping is relatively easy, inexpensive, highly effective, and readily accessible. It can actually make a change in the cause of a problem while also treating symptoms. Certainly the thought of doing it yourself can be intimidating, especially when looking at the cupping kit with all theContinue reading “Cupping (part V)”

Is FM Something New?

This post is a continuation in a series on Fascial Manipulation (FM) Well, new to some! But it dates back to the late 1970’s, and began in Italy with Luigi Stecco, an Italian physiotherapist (in the US we’re known as physical therapists, same thing). He was dissatisfied with the poor outcomes typically accomplished in physicalContinue reading “Is FM Something New?”