Back to Italy!

It was with excitement and nervousness that I returned to Italy just after the 2023 New Year holiday. Excitement surrounding travel to Europe. Nervousness as I was invited to help teach at the Stecco’s Fascial Manipulation Institute in Padova, Italy. The course was nothing new to me – Fascial Manipulation Level 1, a course IContinue reading “Back to Italy!”

Gifts of Health & Wellness Part 3

I’ve always loved reading! So it’s no surprise that, in this 3rd segment on sharing seasonal gifts that respect our health, I am recommending two of my favorite books. They are both listed on this site under the Books section of the Resources tab. I’m kind of getting the cart before the horse by recommendingContinue reading “Gifts of Health & Wellness Part 3”

Gifts of Health and Wellness Part 2: A Gift of Guidance

As I began this post the words of a song came to my mind. It’s a 1999 Amy Grant song entitled Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) and here’s the part that popped into my head: “Are you far away from home + This dark and lonely night + Tell me what best wouldContinue reading “Gifts of Health and Wellness Part 2: A Gift of Guidance”

Gift of Health & Wellness Part 1

Sometimes at the holidays you have to come up with a gift to give. More often (hopefully!), it’s a situation where you want to give a gift. Sometimes we get to drop hints or blatantly tell someone a gift we would like to receive. In any case, most of us would rather give or receiveContinue reading “Gift of Health & Wellness Part 1”

Thanksgiving Blessings to All!

I bet I’m not the only one saying, “I can’t believe it’s already this time of year again!” For my husband, Bill and me it’s been a busy year filled with personal and professional happenings. Forefront in my mind are two major events: First, Bill, after 47 years of patient care, finally stopped evaluating andContinue reading “Thanksgiving Blessings to All!”

Fascia, Anatomy, & Canada!

I was thrilled to recently attend the 6th International Fascia Research Congress held in Montreal, Canada. This was my second time attending this event, which is held every three years in different parts of the world. I had been to one prior Congress held in Reston, Virginia in 2015. Considering I live only 1.5 hoursContinue reading “Fascia, Anatomy, & Canada!”

Bladder Problems Part 2

Recall that a healthy fascial environment consists of tissue layers that are elastic, adaptable, and free to slide on each other. This is especially true in the trunk, which shelters organs, some of them hollow with constantly changing volumes – like the bladder. If the fascia looses this adaptability through the development of fascial densifications,Continue reading “Bladder Problems Part 2”