Gifts of Health and Wellness Part 2: A Gift of Guidance

As I began this post the words of a song came to my mind. It’s a 1999 Amy Grant song entitled Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) and here’s the part that popped into my head: “Are you far away from home + This dark and lonely night + Tell me what best would help + To ease your mind + Someone to give direction for this unfamiliar road + Or one who says, “Follow me and + I will lead you home.”

Amy Grant A Christmas To Remember CD cover
Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) is one of many wonderful songs on this Christmas , collection, one of my favorites. Accessed at

Why this song and these words? Well, in case you haven’t noticed I have a LOT of information and advice on this website. I fully realize it can be overwhelming to absorb, assimilate, and apply for yourself. I try to present it all in as digestible a manner as possible, but let’s face it: there’s a lot on this buffet!

As Amy sings in the song, I feel like I am one who is trying to give direction on this unfamiliar road of health and wellness with these bodies that are so fearfully and wonderfully made. I desperately want people to grasp the power of prevention and early intervention in staying as healthy and functional as possible, for as long as possible. I see the fallout of what happens when people don’t. To this end I created the section on this site covering Maintenance and Prevention in the hopes that it would equip people to take better care of themselves. For some of you reading this perhaps you have been able to successfully apply the painfully acquired wisdom, advice, and direction I share.

But for others, what may help more is to have specific, individualized guidance as to how to do this and what it looks like for you. Whether this is the case for you or someone you care about consider scheduling an evaluation session with any of our therapists. It would consist of: Hearing needs, concerns, and history; Assessing for structural abnormalities; Watching movements; and Determining a plan of action, be it where to use a percussion device or cupping kit, a suggested exercise, or perhaps the recommendation that further treatment be considered. Depending on the circumstances it’s possible that this evaluation session might be covered by insurance.

I find it rather remarkable the money people will spend on things this holiday season, but balk at the thought of giving a gift that may impact health for years to come. Please consider calling any of our offices to discuss your options. EVERY BODY needs a maintenance and prevention plan. What’s yours?

Please enjoy a moment listening to this beautiful song here.

Are you far away from home
This dark and lonely night
Tell me what best would help
To ease your mind
Someone to give
Direction for this unfamiliar road
Or one who says, “Follow me and
I will lead you home”

How beautiful
How precious
The Savior of old
To love so
The loneliest soul
how gently
how tenderly
He says to one and all,
“Child you can follow Me
And I will lead you home
Trust Me and follow Me
And I will lead you home”

Be near me, Lord Jesus
I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever
And love me I pray
Bless all the dear children
In Thy tender care
And take us to Heaven
To live with Thee there
Take us to Heaven
To live with Thee there

Wishing you health and joy,


Published by Colleen Murphy Whiteford

I am a physiotherapist, graduate of Saint Louis University Class of 1984. I married my best friend and business partner, Bill, who is also a physiotherapist, in 1988. We have worked together all these years - an example of God's grace! Together we started Appalachian Physical Therapy which continues to thrive. I am a big believer in the power of touch, the manual therapies, and treating holistically. There are many alternatives to medications, surgeries, and testing, but people are often uninformed. My perspective emphasizes the role of the connective tissues including the fascia. Lack of attention to this structure is the source of many physical ailments - our bodies are truly fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139)! I am passionate about helping people of all ages and diagnoses maximize their health, and empowering them to understand their role in management and prevention of problems.

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